Undergraduate Theater Society

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Casting policy


All actors cast in a UTS mainstage production must be currently enrolled UW undergraduates, or former UW undergraduates that have graduated less than one academic quarter previously (Summer Quarter not included) at the time of opening. The following policies determine the standards by which these undergraduates will be selected.

In our casting process, UTS will:

  • Ensure that the season provides balanced gender opportunities
  • Be open to the creative interpretation of gender in scripts      
  • Actively ensure that the roles given to actors of color, actors with disabilities, and queer and trans actors include but are not limited to roles written expressly for people of color, people with disabilities, and queer and trans people. For example:  

                          a) queer actors will be considered to play straight people       

                          b) actors of color will be considered for roles historically given to white people

  • Adhere to any limitations on casting put in place by legal rights contracts and as endowed by the playwright
  • Hold a second round of auditions if the first is unable to adequately meet the standards set by these policies

In our casting process, UTS will not:

  • Cast a show with an all-white cast
  • Cast a white actor in a role written for a person of color
  • Cast a cisgender actor in a role written for a transgender person
  • Engage in harmful racebending through casting
  • Harmfully and/or unproductively reinforce oppressive stereotypes through casting
  • Hire an actor from outside the UW community to meet the age parameters of a role 
  • If a director is unable to find a suitable UW undergraduate to fill a role with specific needs related to the standards described by these policies, they may petition the UTS Executive Board for permission to hire a community actor at any time before or during the audition process. The Board will handle these matters on a case-by-case basis.

The intent of these policies is to ensure that UTS continues to fulfill its mission and uphold its values.