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by Naomi Iizuka

Directed by Joshua Barajas 

November 21st-24th, December 4th-8th

Preview November 19th

Anon(ymous) by Naomi Izuka is a modern adaptation of Homer's The Odyssey. It takes place in a dystopic feeling America and follows the story of a girl, Anon, searching to be reunited with her mother. This minimalistic and metaphorical play uses topics of immigration, family, and death to turn a classic story into a modern relevant play. 


Burning Man

A New Work by Gabriela Tedeschi

Directed by Carol Lee

November 25th-27th

After a few successful dates, twenty-somethings Danny and Dalia see the potential for a lasting relationship. But on the soon-to-be couple’s fifth date, Danny decides that before things get serious, he needs to open up to Dalia about an idiosyncrasy of his: to cope with the death of his mother and other sources of anger in his life, Danny starts forest fires.

As Danny and Dalia passionately debate anger management techniques and the ethics of burning down forests in the middle of the restaurant, Danny and their very irritated waitress act out memories from Danny’s path to arson in an attempt to persuade Dalia to give Danny a chance. Or at least refrain from calling the police.


by Qui Nguyen

Directed by David Le

January 30th-February 2nd, February 6th-9th

Preview January 28th

 A New Work

by Taylor Halverson

Directed by Alex Stapleton

February 3rd-5th

 Alice in Black and White

by Robin Rice

Directed by Olivia Hagan

May 21st-24th, 28th-31st

Preview May 19th

A New Work

by Hamdi Abdinur

Directed by Alicia Crowley

May 25th-27th