Undergraduate Theater Society

Creating Inclusive Learning Opportunities for Undergraduates Since 1997

Creating Inclusive Learning Opportunities for Undergraduates Since 1997

Creating Inclusive Learning Opportunities for Undergraduates Since 1997Creating Inclusive Learning Opportunities for Undergraduates Since 1997Creating Inclusive Learning Opportunities for Undergraduates Since 1997

Meet the board

Executive Director

Pearl Lam, UTS's executive director

Pearl Lam


  •  Pearl no longer believes in manifesting and instead believes in free will and the power of choice
  • But also astrology is real (add me on costar: @pearllam)
  •  Is sensitive because of Venus in Pisces


Graphic Designer

Olivia Hagan, UTS's Graphic Designer

Olivia Hagen


  • Olivia is a second degree black belt.
  • She's chaotic good. 
  • She is anemic (a.k.a. she has no blood).


Production Manager


  Brittany Thomas


  • Brittany is in love with Tennessee Williams.
  • She sometimes goes by "mom".
  • She ACTUALLY lives in Hutch. (Hutchinson Hall)                                         



 Annie Kassing    


  • Annie is an Aquarius Dominant.
  • She once called herself "a singer that acts."
  • She claims she is not gay. (She is very gay.)


Technical Director


 Michael Dugan


  • Michael can and will talk about tape for hours.
  • "Scripted theatre is just very structured improv."
  • Seriously, be careful with that tape talk.


Financial Director


CaraLee Rose Howe


  • She prefers to be called CaraLee Rose, but CaraLee is fine. She will be very upset if called Cara.
  • Her favorite color is sparkles. "It is a color. Fight me."
  • She can sleep anywhere. In an airport? Done. Under the desk in the UTS Office? Done.      

Social Chair


 Jeremy Steckler


  • Jeremy likes exercising almost as much as he likes eating donuts.
  • He can quote The Office in any given situation.
  • He will help you with auditions if that's something you want!


Publicity Director


 Ahnika Klimper 


  •  Up to 60% of Ahnika's body consists of coffee. 
  • Her favorite movie is the 2004 cinematic masterpiece National Treasure, because she has no shame.
  • Her favorite article of clothing is a good sweater, and as such, she owns far too many.  

Social Media Coordinator


 Raina Sadhan


  • Raina's childhood pet was a calico cat named "Stripper." 
  • Spider-Man is her favorite superhero of all time.
  • In an ideal world, she'd spend all her time thrift shopping, watching CNN, walking her dog, appreciating coming-of-age films and reading.

Assistant Production Manager


 Em Smith   


  • Em is married to Jimmy Fallon.
  • She is a licensed scuba diver.
  • She once started a fire in the Drama Lounge.


Creative Development Director


  Dhara Shah 


  • Dhara is a self-proclaimed hot sauce connoisseur.
  • She often drinks coffee and immediately falls asleep.
  • She can't remember how to ride her bike even though everyone told her it was impossible.

Outreach Director


 Sam Quiambao 


  • Sam usually rewatches shows instead of starting a new one.
  • He sometimes "woof" when he sees a dog.
  • He's never been to Chipotle.

Assistant Graphic Designer


     Rosemary Jones    


  • Rosemary once drank a pound of melted butter for $100.
  • She may have a penchant for breaking things, but she's also better than average at fixing stuff.
  • She'll almost always feed you if you ask.

Assistant Executive Director


         Em Dickson       


  • Em is controlled by a small rat pulling on her hair (a la Ratatouille).
  • She loves it when dogs have those little puffy vests on to keep them warm. 
  • She has seen Pride and Prejudice (2005) more times than she has seen her own parents. 

Assistant Publicity Director


        Debora Kwon     


  • Deborah is a Taurus sun, but Gemini dominant.
  • She loves glitter and Hasan Minhaj, not necessarily together though.
  • The only exercise she’ll ever do is climbing and dance dance revolution.

Master Technician


       Carson Dauber    

. tech@uwuts.org 

  •  Would live on top of a ladder if it was socially acceptable 
  •  Has been to more countries than has close friends 
  •  No, he will not fix your printer. So stop asking. Please.